Ear Wax Information

Ear Care

We recommend the use of ear drops or olive oil drops for 2 weeks prior to ear syringing and also over the counter remedies. Ear Syringing should only be carried out as a last resort or at the request of the Audiologists.

Many people feel that they should have their Ears Syringed as they have had it done in the past and it worked for them. However, newer research has indicated that Syringing can cause some unwanted complications.

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Ear Syringing

This is only usually considered if the above recommendations have proved to be unsuccessful. Ear wax needs to be softened as above for 7 -14 days before attempting to syringe. Although the risks are low and nurses are specially trained to perform this procedure, there is still a small chance (thought to be around 1 in 1000) of complications occurring, such as a perforated ear. If we feel that  the risks are too great for you, you will not be offered Ear Syringing.

Ongoing self-care

If your ears are regularly becoming blocked with wax, after clearing the blockage, it is suggested that you use olive oil drops as above around once a week to keep the wax soft and encourage the natural process of wax expulsion.

Based on information and recommendations from the Rotherham Primary Ear Care Centre and Twyford Practice leaflet (Jan 2017)

Private Ear Syringing

There are local, private services who will perform Ear Syringing for a small fee. Usually around £35. Most of them advertise on the Internet, but please research them before you use them.