Monthly Archives: October 2021

Why do I have to wait a long time for the phone to be answered????

We have been inundated with emails regarding our telephone system and long waiting times. We feel we need to explain why we sometimes take a long time to answer the phone….

Phone lines are extremely busy. This is due to a few things. Although we are currently well staffed in reception and they are working tirelessly to get through all the calls, we are up against some serious pressure.

We have been inundated with emails and calls about Covid boosters, Flu jabs, as well as the daily problems (which have increased 3 fold). Everyday there are 200 prescription requests, 250 results to be filed, and 200 hospital letters to process. As well as home visits, patient appointments, and telephone/email queries. We have reported to NHS England that we are at a critical level of demand.

We are grateful we are open and able to provide the service we are, as some surgeries have been temporarily closed due to being unable to cope with the strain and staff isolating. Thankfully, we are still fighting fit and trying our best to meet the daily workload.

We urge people who have a true urgent medical problem to utilise our on day appointment system. For problems that can wait till the next available appointment, please do so.

We are very sorry that some patients have had to wait longer than usual on the telephone and this really isn’t how we would like things to be. We are trying our best to put resources where they are needed.

We thank our patients for their continued patience at this time.