Monthly Archives: December 2022

Desperate times….

Although we are extremely busy, we are trying our best to help all of our 9800 patients and families that need us. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, many of our staff have been getting poorly, and some are unable to work. We have been trying to cover all departments to ensure we can continue to provide care to our patients.

You will experience a delay in response to your emails, letters, and to your phone calls. Please bare with us.

You can help us by ringing us later in the day if you have a question or you want your results. Our lines tend to be very busy first thing with urgent medical problems.


Online patient record access

GP access to records programme – GPC England statement

Following extensive negotiations and discussions with NHS England, the national mass roll out to turn on prospective access to the medical record from 30th November 2022 is not now occurring for those who wish to delay the process.

We have been advised by the British Medical Association that we can add a code to all of our patient records as, soon, there will be a roll out of full open access to patient records soon and we need to be able to check all records before we open access, for safeguarding reasons. There are still quite a few problems with the roll out process at the moment so we are awaiting a reviewed ‘go live’ date.

Please visit the BMA website for more information.